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From Carol & Rollie S.

We were downsizing from a 4-bed house on almost half an acre to a patio home in a retirement community. We interviewed several real estate agents, and we were totally impressed with Kent Lee’s professional presentation and market analysis.   Kent led a team of colleagues in helping us prepare for the listing, making the listing known to the community, and handling the potential buyers.  Throughout the process, Kent constantly reassessed the marketplace and adjusted the sales strategy accordingly.  In the end, our house sold for more than we expected.  We were happy to work with Kent and would recommend him to others making the big transition to a retirement lifestyle. 

From Kelly D.

Kent and his network of resources was an absolute blessing in getting my mother's home ready for market. The home's transformation that occurred in record time was an incredible surprise. Kent and his resources got the home emptied, cleaned and marketed as-is. The home sold in 2 days.  I can't say enough what a stress reliever this was for my family. Thank you Kent for your professional services. 



From Sharon B.

I would like to thank Kent and his team for making my mother's transition from a home to an assisted living facility very smooth.  We had been telling her for years her house and yard were too big for her to maintain.  She stood firm on 'this is my home'.  It took a devastating fall for her to realize it was time to move.  Once I contacted him the ball began to roll.  His resources were amazing.  The Transitioning Services group came in her home and took over.  They boxed, auctioned and donated everything in mom's house.  They were a blessing!  He even put us in contact with an attorney that explained to mom the steps she needed to take to secure her future. Kent's assistance not only made mother's transition easier but he made my caregiving efforts manageable. Thank you Kent for all you do! 

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